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The Vicar of Dibley Comes to Holt

And then there is The Vicar of Dibley in November......


Our first major production for the new Holt Players will be performed on 17, 18  and 19 November .  And what better choice for our unique village than the multiple award-winning comedy The Vicar of Dibley, created by Richard Curtis for Dawn French. The original series ran on the BBC from November 1994 to January 1998 and was placed third in a BBC poll of Britain’s Best Sitcoms. So no pressure then....


Our production will be directed by the experienced Matt Heaton, making his Holt debut, who has exciting ideas on how this well-known series can be presented. Rehearsals start on Sunday11th September - just two  a week through September and October...with auditions this August (see below).

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Casting Around...

We are in the middle of casting for this ground-breaking production. Matt Heaton has developed a script with all the best-loved characters, and we have already found some key actors to take the roles.


However, we are still looking for people to play:


David Horton  (age 55-65)

Rich landowner. Stuffy, superior, smart and works the Parish Council, largely for his own ends


Hugo Horton (age 20 – 30)

Complete opposite of his father – sweet, lovely, innocent but not too bright.  Loves Alice


Alice Horton (nee Tinker) (age 20 – 30)

Sweet, lovely, innocent but not too bright – in-fact made for Hugo, whom she loves.  Right hand woman to Geraldine. Unintentionally hilarious. West Country accent. 


Jim Trott (age 45 - 65)

No, no, no, no, no….. dithering, slightly dense and sex-obsessed single old man of the parish 

Frank Pickle (age 50 -70)

Pedantic, dull and could bore for England but really quite sweet. Conceals his secret, until…


If you would be interested – or know of someone who would be ideal for a part – please let us know via the Contact Us page. . We are always looking for new talent, and this could be a perfect introduction. And it will be a fun production, with lots of laughs, both onstage and off