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Directed by Kate Palmer, Richard Everett’s bitter-sweet comedy was set in a quintessentially English vicarage garden.  It followed Grace, a recently widowed vicar’s wife coming to terms with his passing, the loss of her family home to the potential new incumbent, the return of her missionary sister and a daughter with her own issues. It thus provided lots of scope for long hidden secrets to be unearthed and relationships examined.

The cast:

Grace (the widow)  -  Liz Hollis

Ruth (Grace's sister)  -  Lynne McCaffrey

Sarah - (the new vicar)  -  Liz Hume

Jo (Grace's daughter)  -  Anna McGrail

Bardolph (Grace's late husband)  -  Alan Burgess



Review of the play

Angelic entertainment was certainly on the cards when the Holt Players staged their latest production in Holt Village Hall. Director Kate Palmer had assembled an excellent cast, with some familiar faces to Holt audiences and others making their debut. Despite the space limitations of the Hall’s stage, they moved around the set with ease, and we truly believed we were all sitting in an English country garden complete with trees, lawn, greenhouse and even a stream flowing by. Congratulations not only to the Director, but also to the set designers and builders.

This was a superb production, thanks to the skill and experience of Kate Palmer as the Director, and  her talented cast – who were clearly enjoying themselves. And the finely-written script.


So what was the verdict from the author himself? Following a QandA session with the cast and audience afterwards, Richard Everett commented:  

"This play has had over 100 productions in recent years, many of them by amateurs. Of the few I have attended, the Holt Players’ production was outstanding and probably the best I have seen by an amateur company. The cast performances were, without exception, intelligent and sensitive, and the play worked so well in the challengingly small space. This was a joy. Congratulations!"








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