Holt Dramatic Society (HDS) has been in existence for over 50 years but is as fresh as ever. There’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm within and around the group continually building on all the good work that has gone before.

Have you ever watched a stage show and thought "I wish I could do that ..."?  Well, you can!


Amateur theatre is a great way to get involved with the performing arts.  Your interest may be in performing on stage, or perhaps working behind the scenes, making and decorating scenery, possibly make-up, wardrobe, props.  Or you may wish to help with arranging refreshments for rehearsals, programme selling or behind the bar for productions, or any of the other jobs which are needed to make the society tick.  Holt Dramatic Society are always keen to find new members of all ages, skills and backgrounds.


If you are interested in joining an open and welcoming society, contact us and let us persuade you to take up one of the most rewarding of hobbies a person can have.




Mel Cox - Chair

Fiona Young - Vice Chair

Sarah Ellen- Secretary 

John Barker - Treasurer

Sue Bolden - Membership Secretary 

Kate Palmer - Patrons Secretary 

Gill Norman - Newsletter 

Jill Siddall -Committee Member