Alice in Wonderland

Coming to Holt in 23 - 25 July 2020


Cast List

After a fabulous round of auditions we are more than delighted to announce our brilliant cast

  • Alice - Lydia Rowe

  • The White Rabbit - Gareth Lloyd

  • The Queen of Hearts - Melanie Cox

  • Mad Hatter - Francis Holmes

  • March Hare/King of Hearts - David Gatliffe

  • Caterpillar/Tweedle Dum - Allan Schonfeld

  • Dormouse - Sarah Ellen

  • Mouse/ 5 of spades - Jessica Marchman

  • White Queen - Tamsin Birch

  • Red Queen - Liz Hollis

  • Gryphon - Sarah Jones

  • Fish Footman/2 of Spades - William Jones

  • Knave of Hearts/ Frog Footman/7 of Spades - Isaac JonesDuchess - Sue Dickinson

  • Mock Turtle/Humpty/Tweedle Dee - Rick Dickinson

  • Cast and Crew - Chorus/Pages/Heralds/Jury

Huge thanks to all those who have expressed their interest in helping us out so far, but we could always use more crew!!  Get in touch if you fancy helping us out.

“I knew who I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then.”